Monday, February 4, 2013

Leather Topped Table: Chalk Paint Makeover

We have had this leather topped table at Loot for a while.  Several months ago, Nancy set a hot tea pot on top of the table, which left burn marks on the leather inset on the top of the table.  One of the reasons I love Chalk Paint so much is that it sticks to everything, including leather.



I love this round table with its new look and I can picture it in its imaginary new home, in the center of a grand foyer, with a floral arrangement on top.

 Even without the burn marks on top, I still prefer the painted version to the original, but that is not surprising. After all, I am a woman that loves painted furniture!

I painted the top of the table with Graphite Chalk Paint and the base with Old Ochre.  I used Annie Sloan clear and dark wax over the Old Ochre, and a dark wax glaze on the top to deepen the Graphite. 

The Chalk Paint adhered and covered the leather table top flawlessly.

I have used this color combination before, and I always think it makes the piece of furniture look elegant and sophisticated.  I also love the way the Old Ochre Chalk Paint looks with dark wax over it.

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Jenny @ Simcoe Street said...

This looks great! Love the two toned paint job

Fiona, Lilyfield Life said...

your work is beautiful as always. I hope this sells quickly for you!
Fiona xx

Mariaelena said...

So pretty...I love round tables and yours turned out perfect. I just posted an AS makeover yesterday of a little old table...come on over and see..going back to yours to look around some more...have a great day!...Mariaelena

Dee said...

Amanda, you did an amazing job on this table. I had a table exactly like yours last year. I painted it duck egg blue & put a clock face on the top. The post I wrote about it is called "A Set of Drum Tables". Your welcomed to take a look if you want. Love your color combo. Beautiful job! Dee from My Painted Stuff.

Decor & Harmony said...

What a beauty :) graphite is my favorite color and the dark wax really makes it pop! Nice transformation.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Beautiful and classic color combination!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

I have just the table that could use this color combination. Looks great!

Robin Johnson said...

Oh how gorgeous. I love the black top but those legs . . . amazing. Such a beautiful, classic looking table.

Leena Milligan Lanteigne said...

What a beautiful table and a nice save on the leather! Love the lines and the little drawer! Great piece! Hugs, Leena

Between Blue and Yellow said...

Great looking table, looks so good in your home.

Deborah said...

Well hello Amanda!!!
How have you been keeping through these winter months? ;)
I see you've been busy creating...and I love this table! How unique to have a leather top! The combination is striking and Im sure whoever gets this beauty will be admiring it for a lifetime!
So good to come for a visit...sending hugs and love your way my friend xo

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxo

Unknown said...

I love it! What a transformation, fantastic :)

CAT said...

I have two leather top tables and wonder do u paint the leather in the same way as other material eg wood metal ? I'm looking online and can't seem to find a tutorial for leather. Thank you,

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

This look is perfect for a table I have that really needs a makeover... You mention a dark wax glaze that you mix... Can you tell me more?

Unknown said...

This look is perfect for a table I have that really needs a makeover... You mention a dark wax glaze that you mix... Can you tell me more?

Anonymous said...

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Kate M said...

How has the leather top held up? I have a table I need to paint but am hesitant it won't last on the leather. Thanks!

Unknown said...

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dj said...

What were the steps to refinishing the leather top table using the chalk paint? I have a mahogany leather top table with scalloped edges and claw feet that I'd like to freshen up to go with my newly painted gray living room with light yellow and medium blue accents.

Dinette Table And Chairs said...

What an amazing job you did, it's just beautiful!

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