Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chalk Painted Union Jack Chair on Wheels

This vintage, vinyl chair on wheels came form a rummage sale.  I love the shape of this chair and the wheels. I thought I would end up reupholstering the seat and back of the chair, until I remembered that Chalk Paint sticks to anything!

The vinyl was in pretty good condition except for a few discolorations, making it an excellent surface for a Chalk Paint makeover.  One day, while I was staring at this chair, I pictured it painted with the Union Jack flag.  Mr. Rubbish told me to just pick something simple like stripes, but I could not get the image out of my head, so he finally gave in and helped me lay it out (my spatial skills are not the best and he is a genius when it comes to that kind of thing).

The Chalk Paint did an amazing job of adhering to the vinyl seat!  I also used the Chalk Paint in Graphite for the metal frame of the chair.

We took the seat off the frame to make it easier to paint.

I painted the cushions with Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint, first.  Then, we located the center of the seat and measured out from there for our vertical tape lines.  Next, we taped off the horizontal line, followed by the diagonals.  I used Old Ochre Chalk Paint for this part.  

Lastly, we measured and taped for the Emeperor's Silk red stripes. This is what the cushion looked like without any wax.

I used Annie Sloan clear wax first and then rubbed on the dark wax for an antique patina.  The Chalk Paint and wax gave the chair the look and feel of old leather. 

I was delighted when this chair sold on its first weekend at Loot!  A mom came in on Sunday with her three sons and the young boys fell in love with this chair. They had been looking for a chair for their desk in their bedroom. I think it went to the perfect home where it will be well-loved.  Won't this chair be darling in a little boy's bedroom?

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Striped Pedestals

Last weekend, Nancy and I had a booth at Goat Hill Fair.  It was a fabulous event, as usual,  with so many talented vendors and enchanting treasures. We sold Chalk Paint and did a few paint demonstrations at our booth.  

I brought these two, old pedestal tables to Goat Hill for one of my paint demos.  I loved the darling shape of these pedestals, but they were a little too beat-up and dirty looking before.

I cleaned the dirt and dust off and then painted them with Versailles Chalk Paint.  They looked  kind of plain, so I added Old White stripes to the top.  This is what they looked like with a fresh coat of paint, before distressing and waxing.

After distressing them all over, I applied Annie Sloan clear wax, followed by a little dark wax to antique them.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Chair Affair

I frequently come across single chairs while I am out hunting for new items. Chairs are fun to makeover because I get to choose fabric as well as paint.  I feel fortunate that here in Santa Cruz, we have Hart's Fabrics which has a wonderful selection of fabrics.

Nancy and I found this chair at our favorite, local thrift shop.  We have had it for a while, but just recently got around to getting it reupholstered.  I cannot manage to find any before shots of this one, but picture it with a worn, tapestry fabric and and orange wood finish.

We found this fun, vibrant fabric with raised, fuzzy patterns at Hart's Fabrics.  I was planning to reupholster this chair myself, but never got around to it.  We hired an upholsterer and she did a fabulous job, complete with double welting trim.

Nancy painted the chair first with Aubusson Blue Chalk Paint and then a top coat of Old White.

I found this child's chair at a yard sale in Sacramento when I was visiting my family.  This chair has a darling shape and is a sophisticated style for a tiny person's chair.  The fabric was stained and the old, orange foam underneath was disintegrating.

I replaced the seat cushion with new foam and reupholstered the seat with some linen I already had.

I painted the chair with Duck Egg Chalk Paint and used Napoleanic Blue to paint faux grain sack stripes down the center.

This little chair sold the first weekend I put it for sale at Loot.

 This old, singer sewing bench with a removable seat also came from a yard sale.

I painted the bench with Emperor's Silk Chalk Paint.  I added thicker foam for the cushion and reupholstered it with a charcoal grey and white chevron stripe linen also from Hart's.

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