Sunday, November 10, 2013

Pure White Chalk Paint® Kitchen Cabinets

One of our customers at Loot hired Nancy and I to paint the kitchen cabinets of her beach house.  She just purchased this home and I wish I could show you pictures of how different it looked before she started her remodel. Everything in the house was in a shade of brown when she bought it. First, She replaced the floor with this lovely, beachy hardwood.  Then, she hired us to transform her brownish-orange kitchen cabinets.
I forgot to take pictures before the cabinet doors were removed, but at least I remembered to take a few shots before we actually started painting.
The finish on the cabinets before was outdated and did not look right with the pretty, light countertops and bright blue backsplash.  After a little Chalk Paint®, they look like they were made to go together.

 The Pure White Chalk Paint® on the cabinets really tied the look together.

Here is the Chalk Paint® in action: no need to prime, sand, or strip the existing finish.  Just paint away! 
In order to achieve a really smooth finish, I thinned the top coat with a bit of water by dipping my brush in a cup of water periodically to keep it moist as I painted.

The kitchen is modern and sophisticated now and Chalk Paint® helped achieve the look.  This demonstrates that Chalk Paint® is valuable for creating many different types of finishes.  It looks beautiful and authentic on antique pieces and creates an equally stunning finish on modern, clean lines, like these kitchen cabinets. The coverage, ease of use, and versatility of Chalk Paint® are some of the reasons why I love using this paint so much.
Of course, the predictably perfect finish created with Chalk Paint® is the main reason it is my favorite decorative paint.
Chalk Paint® sticks to everything and looks the same, no matter what is beneath it.  The bar is a perfect example of this. Once covered in Chalk Paint®, the cabinets match the, newly installed, back paneling, making it look like it was always meant to be that way. 
I love her industrial style bar stools against the bright Pure White. 

We opted to use Annie Sloan's matte lacquer rather than the wax on these cabinets.  It is designed for use on floor, so it is really going to hold up to wear and tear on the cabinets.

What a brilliant kitchen now!
She also hired us to paint her front door and French doors throughout her home. 
The Pure White Chalk Paint on the doors gives this sophisticated beach house a fresher, more unified look.

If you live in the Santa Cruz area, and would like to get an estimate for custom painting of your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, send me an email:


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