Thursday, September 30, 2010

White Linen Ruffle Lamp Shades

I needed an update for my bedroom lampshades that I purchased a few years ago from Restoration Hardware. They were brown and boring and I wanted a change. I paired the shades with beautiful, white linen from a thrift store.

First, I had to cut the brown fabric off the metal frame (no easy task) leaving the liner intact. I cut out four pieces of linen from a pattern that I made by tracing one side of the lamp shade. Then, I glued the linen to the metal frame and covered the seams with the same fabric using a hot melt glue gun. For the finishing touch, I sewed and attached a ruffle to the bottom edge.

Soft and pretty with the lights on!

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Blessings Boutique

I am lucky enough to be able to rent a small space at a fabulous shop in downtown Pacific Grove. If you have never been to Pacific Grove, then you must stop by next time you visit California's Central Coast. It is located on the Southern tip of Monterey Bay and it is full of victorian houses, breathtaking, rocky coastlines and charming downtown shops and restaurants.

Pacific Grove Coastline and Downtown
Blessings Boutique is a co-op with about thirty different vendors. I feel very lucky that I was able to snag a spot with all of these talented women, some of whom, have been in this business 25+ years!
I hope you enjoy this tour of Blessings Boutique!

There are so many treasures to see here, that it is almost overwhelming and this is only a small sampling of what is at the shop!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Picture Frame Makeovers

A constant, that always seems to show up for me, at yard sales, are vintage picture frames. I love taking them home, fixing them up and giving them a fresh start in life!

I found these two vintage frames with floral appliques in the corners. They were stained a dark brown and I knew they would be better white and a little shabby.



This chunky vintage frame is one of my favorites. It started out brown and had a dated, linen border toward the center. I primered the whole thing, including the linen border and then painted it with flat black paint. I left the thin gold trim on the inside.



I found these two large frames at a rummage sale for $1 each. The largest one was light colored with a linen border. The other one was dark brown with ornate corners that did not stand out with the dark brown stain. I primered them and painted the largest frame flat black and the other one white.



I did not get a before picture of the next two vintage picture frames (darn it!). I wanted to include them anyway because I painted them the same creamy white, but I also used Ralph Lauren's glaze in smoke color over the white to give them a more aged look. The smaller frame is actually plastic (orange before painting) with a metal border on the inside. The larger one, with the wooden appliques, was stained a dark brown when I found it.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Handmade Vintage Cake Stand

Upon discovering some very pretty vintage dishes, I decided their best use would be a cake stand. The bottom dish has beautiful scalloped edges with green and pink flowers and a stamp on the bottom that says made in Austria. It seems really old, although I do not know much about this subject ( I just know it is pretty). The top dish has delicate, pink flowers and a little blue bird in the center. I used two different, vintage candleholders for the base and the pedestal.

It was very easy to do! I just found and marked the center point of the plates and glued the candlesticks to the plates with some E-6000.

Isn't she pretty?

Of course, I prefer to use it as a fruit stand. Here it is loaded with my garden tomatoes and some fake pears.

What other use could you find for this little beauty? I was thinking it could work in a bathroom holding soaps and toiletries or even jewelry.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid-Week Design Inspiration: Antique Metal Tubs

I like the rustic quality of antique metal tubs with their authentic, aged patinas. You have to admit there is something inspiring about old and weathered, metal tubs. If you are not sure, just look at these gorgeous pictures:

I wish I had this outdoor tub and shower! The country setting is the perfect backdrop for this weathered bathtub. Wouldn't this be a very relaxing place to bathe (as long as no critters decided to join you)? (photo from

Here is another outdoor galvanized metal bathtub. I think it would be much nicer to soak in this rustic bathtub than a modern, chlorinated hot tub. (photo from

This bathroom is actually the set of the movie, "The Holiday". I have not seen the movie but I came across this photo on Isn't this the most charming bathroom? I love the metal tub, antique dresser and stone wall (basically everything about this space)!

Looking at this galvanized bathtub in a screened-in porch transports me to a simpler time. (photo from a New York Times article)

I also adore this well-seasoned, antique wash tub holding flowers. (photo from

...and this beautiful, slightly rusty washtub holding white hydrangeas (my favorite) - what a lovely combination! (photo from )

Monday, September 20, 2010

French Bow Wall Sconce

I found this vintage candle holder wall sconce for 75 cents. It was tarnished, brassy and in desperate need of a makeover, as you can see from this photo:

I love the slender, gracefulness of this wall sconce and, of course, the lovely "French Bow" on top. I mixed some of my turqouise acrylic paint with white to get a softer, robin's egg blue color. After the paint dried, I rubbed the edges with gold Rub 'N Buff. I think this soft blue looks really pretty with gold edges.

Here it is hanging on the wall (a little crooked...oops!) at the shop with some white, tapered candles. After its update, it is all ready to be loved again!


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