Sunday, August 30, 2015

Reloved Living at Las Vegas World Market Center

I recently went to the Las Vegas World Market center to set up a booth at the home/gift show for my business, Reloved Living.  My sister and business partner, Emily and I drove there and spent two days unloading and setting up our booth.  

I found all the display items at yard sales or on craigslist.  I already had the old, metal folding chairs. I mixed up a custom Chalk Paint® color using Emperor's Silk, Burgandy, and Pure White to make a bright pink and then painted the legs with gold Gilder's Paste Wax.  

This desk was found curbside with a free sign hanging on it.  With the twenty knobs, I thought it would make a great display piece for our decorative knobs.

I painted the desk with Pure White Chalk Paint® and used gold Gilders Paste and a stencil to add the chevron stripe on top.

Reloved Living also sells these fabulous, faux animal heads that we displayed inside vintage frames on the wall.  I painted each frame a different Chalk Paint® color and left some gold.  We had a couple mishaps with the shippers and then the movers that were helping us unload the animal heads.  We ended up with some broken antlers after the first day of set up.  I bought some super glue and spackle and glued, patched, and painted in the hotel that night.  They looked as good as new by morning!

We love the faux giraffe head!

I found another piece to display the knobs at a yard sale.  It is a vintage '90's cd holder, but the fifteen drawers makes it a perfect piece for displaying our knobs.

I painted the cd organizer with Pure White Chalk Paint®.  I found this vibrant, modern wrapping paper on Eva & Anne's Etsy Shop and used Annie Sloan's decoupage to glue and seal it onto the drawers.

I love the mixed colors and geometric patterns on the drawers - it makes our knobs really stand out!

The show organizers chose some of our items for their showcase display

I found the antique screens on Craigslist and thought they would make excellent booth dividers. The man I bought them from said his grandparents bought them a long time ago while traveling in Morocco and brought them back.  My friend and fellow blogger, Darrielle, from D.D.'s Cottage kindly helped me spray them with Pure White Chalk Paint®.  I think they would have been very difficult to paint by hand and I was grateful to have a friend with a paint sprayer willing to help me out!

All the preparation paid off! The booth came together and turned out great. All the bright colors mixed with Pure White drew people's attention and made Reloved Living's booth stand out.


DD's Cottage said...

Looks great Amanda and glad it was a success! Lets craft again!

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Wow! It's looks great! Great job.

Picnic Bench said...

You did a great job! You look great!

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