Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Vintage Lamp and Lampshade Makeover

This vintage lamp is yet another find from my trip to Utah. The base has pretty detailing and I picked it up for only five dollars. I found the shade there also for two dollars.

I used a brush to primer the base of the lamp with Bullseye Primer and then added two coats of creamy white. When the paint dried, I distressed it to fit the vintage style. The lampshade was in excellent condition, but it was quite plain. I found a one dollar pillowcase, also from DI, with a damask pattern in the prettiest shade of pale green to cover the lampshade with.

Here is a mini-tutorial showing how I recovered the lampshade:

First, I made a pattern by tracing one of the sections of the lampshade onto newspaper.

Then, I pinned the pattern to the fabric and cut out all the sections.

I attached the fabric by using a hotmelt glue gun to secure the edges and then covered the seams with strips of fabric.

Of course, I had to add ruffles to the top and bottom of the shade for the finishing touch.

What do you think of my eight dollar lamp?


MiniBinoy said...

I just stumbled upon ur blog and found that u share a lot of my interests.. this tutorial is very helpful since i was planning to redo a pair of lamp shades that are with me for quite a long time now.thank you Amanda.

RosieB said...

Beautiful, thank you


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