Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Heart DI

I drove out to Utah with two of my sisters to visit our other sister in Utah and on the way out we stopped at every DI (Deseret Industries - Mormon thrift shop). They are awesome! They have really amazing things, priced way below what other thrift shops charge. My older sister, the one in Utah, has been shopping at DI for years. In fact everything in her house and everything her kids wear is from DI. She has found many treasures there over the years.

So, of course, while we were in Utah visiting, we went to a different city to find a different DI everyday! I found so much junk to fix up! That is the good news. The bad news was that we drove a small Honda out to Utah with three adults and two carseats, not to mention all of our luggage. Plus, my sister was moving to a new house in Utah and she gave me a large mirror and two gorgeous vintage lamps that I had to cram into the car too. I wish I had a picture of the car on the way We managed to fit everything in somehow. We had to put some of our junk under the babies' feet in the back seat. I felt really bad when my sister's three year old son said, "Mama I don't have any room for my feet". Oh well, it was worth the sacrifice and it was only a 10 hour drive :)

Here is a picture of my loot unloaded all over my living room. I had to work fast to fix it up and move it out. I live in a small cabin, with very little storage, and Mr. Rubbish was not happy with the amount of junk I brought home.

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