Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Bedroom

I know I have been MIA lately, but that is because I am in Pittsburgh visiting my brother and his family.  I have had a great time in this beautiful, lush and green part of the country.  I am heading home in a few days and, while I have had a wonderful time here, there is nothing like being back in my own bed.

I took these pictures of my room a few weeks ago. I live in a small cabin in the redwoods and besides the giant trees blocking a lot of sun, the room also happens to very small, making it doubly hard to photograph.  I captured as many angles as I could.

I found this vintage dresser on sale at an antique shop a few years ago.  I love the crystal drawer pulls and the little keyhole in the top.  I found the vintage, crystal lamp at an estate sale and recovered this lampshade. 

The antlers, antique books and white pitcher all came from yards sales. I made the curtains with Michael Miller damask fabric and sewed pom pom trim to the edges. 

Remember the cute, candle chandelier I fixed up earlier this summer?  I decided to hang it over my bed.

My favorite part of the room is the exposed wood ceiling and the large picture window overlooking the deck.  When we sleep with the window open, we are lulled to sleep by the sound of the creek below.


 I made the dream banner with some left over burlap and my vintage brass stencil letters. And remember this antique foot board I fixed up a while ago?  It works great as my head board now.

I am looking forward to being back home and sleeping in my own bed in a couple of days!


Kelsie From Our Country Home said...

I adore your room...I love the comfortable simplicity yet it screams chic....I need to make a banner for my daughters yours.

Glad you enjoyed your vacation.
Blessings Kelsie

Deborah said...

Its beautiful Amanda!
Looks so peaceful, and Im sure you are missing your own room!
Enjoy your time with your family..cant wait to hear all about your visit!

Deborah xoxo

Mona Kay at Blissfully Refurbished said...

Wow, it's so gorgeous!! I was going to put a banner in my studio, I love the idea of one over the bed!

When you get home, would love you to check out my give-away on my blog "Creating a Vintage Life". Enjoy your family, and safe travels!

Unknown said...

Everything you touch turns to cute!!!

Emily said...

I love your room! It all goes together perfectly. I want to come visit! :)

The Burton Family said...

I LOVE your room, especially the little antique mirrors by your bed. So inspiring.

Heaven's Walk said...

Vacations are wonderful and a blessing....but there's no place like home. Especially when you can crawl in to your own bed! :) I love your bedroom, Amanda. Just beautiful!

xoxo laurie

WhyCuzICan said...

Very sweet redo :) Love your chandy too- and thanks for the link in your story, cuz, yup, I followed to read more about that project too. Nicely written and great photos- thanks for sharing :)

Smiles, visiting from MMS Linky Party today,
~Suzanne in IL

Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

So charming~ I love your bedroom. The banner is delightful- I have 'DREAM' above my bed too :) and love the old repurposed headboard! Thanks for sharing at FNF ~ sharing this on FB :)

Brooke said...

Your room looks so beautiful, I especially love that headboard!

Shirley said...

I love everything!!! It really is beautiful. Stopping in from The Shabby Nest.

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