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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vintage Desk Redo

This small, vintage desk was found at a a yard sale and the only thing wrong with it was the padlock stuck on the bottom drawer pull.  Luckily, my landlord has a metal saw that he used to cut through the lock for me.

The desk is solidly built and has great detailing.

I used Country Gray Chalk Paint with Pure White trim on this desk, which was a simple fix.  

I have a degree in Biology and I love incorporating science into decorating.  I love the large, weathered science charts, test tubes, beakers, etc.  I have been wanting to create a science desk at Loot for a while and I am finally displaying some scientific paraphernalia on this little desk in a corner of the shop.

 I found this vintage, visible man at my auto mechanic's shop.  My mechanic is an avid yard saler too and I always look forward to seeing his new finds, when I take my car in for an oil change or tune up.

This is one of my favorite new items: a vintage light bulb bottle.  

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Monday, August 22, 2011

New Pictures of Loot

We moved a few things around and a few things out since our sale last month.  This is what Loot looks like now.  Nancy sold her beautiful, rustic farm table last month, so she moved one of her antique buffets to the center.  She just refinished these two darling side tables with grayish-brown legs and ebony stained tops.  

I still have the cane chairs, unfortunately.  I have had a few people contact me on who are interested in buying them on etsy, but so far the freight is just too expensive.  Do any of you have any recommendations for shipping larger pieces like this?  I actually want to list a lot more of our inventory online, but I need to figure out this freight shipping first.

Here is the back room now.  I love the way the lamp light illuminates the galvanized metal walls.  It looks very industrial chic.

I sold my country gray and old white dresser last month and see that big empty space on the wall?  I sold the country gray armoire on Saturday!

Remember this little duck egg blue beauty?  I sold her on Sunday!  I think I am really going to miss her having her around.

I had to take a picture of Nancy's tiny porcelain doll with the ripped arm.  Isn't she just too adorable?  

We added a few new items to the back room too.

I found the cool, antique folding ruler at a little country store, while we were camping in Pennsylvania. I also brought back several blue mason jars with metal lids that I found at estate sales in Pittsburgh.

This month's sale went amazingly well for both of us.  We both sold a great mix of large and small items and now we need to focus on restoring and restocking for next month.  

Monday, July 18, 2011

Loot's Grand Opening

We had a fun-filled weekend at our grand opening of Loot!  Nancy and I had been putting in long hours trying to finish projects and getting the shop ready for opening.  We could not believe it was finally time!  Here we are in front of Loot before the opening party on Friday.  Nancy had these cute, matching, black & white ticking stripe aprons.  They came in handy for holding our calculators, receipt books and cash.

We had a wonderful time at the party and had a great turnout.

We had food, music and fun!

My awesome neighbors came and brought these sunflowers that they grew themselves.  Aren't the colors amazing!?

Now, I want to give you a tour of our little flea market boutique.  As you can see, it is a small quonset hut and has so much character.  We had tons of people stop in for our opening weekend just to check out the inside of the hut!

Here is Teddy, Nancy's standard poodle to welcome us at the door.

We set up the front room as our showroom and it became our "dining room".  We put the farm table, buffets, chairs and chandelier in and then accessorized.

The back room was our work/storage space until a few days before our opening.  This is what it looked like before.

We turned it into this in a couple of days!  I hung two drop cloths over the framed wall and Mr. Rubbish draped lights across the ceiling.  Then, we moved in the furniture and lamps and that became our "bedroom" area.  

We still had the far end of the hut to deal with, but Nancy worked her magic again!  This is what the back of the shop looked like before.

...and after!

This area became our "kitchen".  Nancy is even selling her old fashioned oven at Loot.  Isn't her vintage oven cool?

The landlord stopped by and brought us baskets full of freshly cut lavender from her garden.  I love lavender and it filled the shop with its captivating scent.  We bundled them with twine and put them out for sale.  Who can resist fresh bundles of lavender?

Let's step out to the garden!

We were fortunate to have a very talented gardener, Jackie, come all the way from her nursery in Gilroy and sell her plants in the back of the shop.  She helped us set up our garden area and her "pop-up garden", as she calls it, made the space absolutely gorgeous!

Nancy's daughter, Janiece, was so much help getting everything set up for our sale.  We had a lot of fun and on Saturday Janiece barbecued hot dogs and sausages for us and our customers.  Isn't she the most glamorous barbecuer you have ever seen?

On Sunday, we had two talented sisters, Colleen and Jackie, set up booths in the back.  They brought stunning vintage items and jewelry and set up delightful vignettes.

I am now resting for a couple of days before I get back to work and start getting ready for next month!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Old Crate and Candle Wall Sconce

I found many great items at yard sales on Saturday, but this vintage crate is my favorite!  I found it at the last yard sale of the day and it was only $2.  The man I bought it from said that his family told him to just throw it away, but he thought someone would want it.  Well, I am glad he saved it and glad I found it!

There are so many uses for these lovely, old crates. I think I will use this one under my coffee table to hold some books and magazines. Click here to see the other large crate that I made into a side table.

The really unique thing about this old crate is that it folds up!

I love the weathered wood, rusty hinges and worn, stamped lettering.

 I also found this vintage, brass wall sconce with a French bow on top.

I primered it first and then painted it at the same time as the chalkboard frames.  I painted it aqua, applied a glaze, and finished it with my favorite accent, Gold Rub 'N Buff.

I love painting old, brass candle holders and lamps because it changes the look so much.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Vintage Crate Turned Side Table

I found this amazing old, industrial shipping crate at a yard sale when I was visiting my sister in San Diego.  It was one of those rare days of rain in Southern California and most of the yard sales had been canceled, when we came upon this yard sale full of interesting objects and antiques sitting in the rain.  It was love at first sight for me, when I saw this crate, and it was only $3! We (my sis, her husband, their two babies, and myself) squeezed into my little Honda to go yard saling, so, try as we did, we could not fit the crate in the car to take it home.  My brother-in-law was nice enough to go back out in the rain and load it in my car for me.  Thanks Max!  

The wood is perfectly weathered and so are the metal straps.  I love the old patina and the original, worn stamps on the top and sides.

The crate is really large and it is the perfect size for a side table.  It has shelves on the open side against the wall, so it will be great for hiding extra storage in my small house too!

I am thinking I might use it as a night stand in my bedroom.  I am working on a new headboard for my room too, so when I get that done, I will share it with you.

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