Friday, September 19, 2014

The Painted Sofa

Nancy and I just painted the upholstery on this gorgeous chesterfield sofa in the same home that we transformed a dining set, that you can see here.  Our clients recently purchsed this brand new, home and decided to reuse the furniture they had, so they hired us to make their pieces fit in their stylish, new space.

The shape and tufting of this chesterfield sofa are lovely and we were happy that they wanted to salvage it, rather than purchase a new couch.  

The microfiber upholstery was well-worn and stained from years of use by three small children.

The beige upholstery looked drab against the pale grey walls and they wanted a richer color.  We mixed Primer Red, Graphite, and Florence Chalk Paint® together to create this deep plum hue. 

The key to painting upholstery with Chalk Paint® is to first, mist the fabric lighty with water. It also helps to thin the paint with water before applying it and letting it dry thoroughly between coats. This ensures that you get even coverage that will soak into the fabric itself and not the material below it.  Thinning the paint with water also prevents thick coats that dry crusty.  

It took us at least three watered-down coats of paint to get this perfect coverage.  This is what the sofa looked like after the paint and before we applied the wax.

Annie Sloan's Clear Wax really gave the upholstery a polished look and deepened the color.

The fabric now has the look and feel of a soft, supple leather.

This chesterfield looks luscious in the new, deep, chocolate-purple color.  It is the perfect complement against the cocoa-colored hardwood floors and the pale, grey walls.

Check back next week to see their daughters' bedroom transformations!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Fresh Look for Old Dining Room Set

Nancy and I were recently hired by a couple to paint all of their old furniture for their brand new home. They just purchased a chic, upscale home and their existing furniture either had to be replaced or updated, to become worthy of the stylish interior of their new home. They opted for the latter, so we began the transformation piece by piece. 

Their dining table looked rugged when we started work, but, luckily, they were just surface blemishes that could be patched and sanded smooth. I scrubbed the table thoroughly and then patched the top with wood filler, followed by a light sanding to even out the tabletop.

Next, we applied three coats of Graphite Chalk Paint®, which created a smooth, sleek finish.  Since the couple has three young children, we decided to use Annie Sloan's Lacquer as a top coat for extra durability. 

We painted all the dining chairs with two coats of French Linen Chalk Paint®.  Graphite paired with French Linen is quite a striking combination!

They also have a matching buffet that we painted in French Linen Chalk Paint®.  The buffet started out dark brown, like the table, with brass hardware.  

We painted the hardware with Chalk Paint® first and then applied a coat of pewter gilding wax over the paint. We noticed that the gilding wax sticks better to the Chalk Paint® than it does to plain metal.

To keep it uniform, we also used the laquer as the topcoat on the buffet.

This lovely piece of furniture fits like it was made for the space along the wall in their new dining room.

We painted the last piece in this trio for their entry hall.  We mixed Pure White with a little French Linen Chalk Paint® to creat a soft white with a hint of grey.

It is always admirable when people choose to reuse what they have rather than purchase new.  It worked out wonderfully well in this case!  Not only does the furniture look stunning in their new home, but they also saved a fortune by keeping their old, functional pieces.

Later in the week, I will be posting about their lovely chesterfield sofa that we painted with Chalk Paint® (see it in the background). Check back soon to see that amazing transformation!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Buffet Turned Bathroom Vanity

A while back, we got this beautiful, marble clad buffet at Loot on consignment.  When I first saw it, I thought it would make an ideal bathroom vanity. 

Surprisingly, this buffet did not fly out the door.  It sat at Loot for quite a while awaiting its perfect home. One day a local antique dealer, with a similar vision of repurposing, bought it for her new bathroom remodel.

She hired me to paint the base in a mix of French Linen and Old White Chalk Paint®. Annie Sloan's dark wax really made the details stand out on this piece. I love the trestle base and the carving on the legs. 

She could not find a sink she liked, so she repurposed one of her stainless steel bowls as a sink basin until she finds one she likes better.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

China Cabinet with Secretary

I picked up this china cabinet from the flea market recently for a great price toward the end of the day. It is really heavy and I could tell the man selling it wanted to get rid of it, so he didn't have to haul it back home again.

I love the doors, trim moldings and metal wire fronts on the cabinet.  The man that sold it to me also gave me the orignial old skeleton key that locks all the cabinet doors.

This cabinet is really special and even has a secret secretary in the center, disguised as a drawer.


I mixed a batch of Chalk Paint® using equal parts French Linen and Old Ochre.  The resulting color is a soft and pretty, warm grey.

I clear waxed the entire piece and applied the dark wax with an artist brush only along the edges, grooves, and molding to bring out the details on this lovely piece of furniture.

The upper cabinet was dark inside, so I lightened it up by painting the interior with Old Ochre Chalk Paint®.

This amazing cabinet did not last very long at Loot.  This is one that I would have kept for myself, had I the space for it. Besides being easy on the eyes, it is also a very functional piece.  I love the amount of storage it has and the added convenience of a little desk, which is an ideal place for sitting to write letters and/or pay bills.


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