Thursday, October 28, 2010

Laundry Finds

I live in a small cabin in the woods with no laundry room. That means I have to go down the road to the laundromat to wash my clothes (something I have not done since college). One nice thing about it is that on laundry day, every last bit of dirty laundry gets a fresh start. I love hanging most of my clothes to dry outside on a clothesline and I found this vintage clothesline at a moving sale. I saw it in the backyard and when I asked them how much, they said they had forgotten they even had it. I got it for only $10 and it saved Mr. Rubbish from having to build me a clothesline.

At another estate sale in Carmel Valley (great place for estate sales), I found this vintage laundry bag (love it!) amongst a pile of linens in the master bathroom. I heard envious gasps from the line behind me when the other women saw what I found. That is what I get for always spending so long digging through old linens. It was a very expensive estate sale, but I managed to find all the cheap items in the house. I think I paid $2 for the bag. It is perfect for taking my clothes to the laundromat in style!

This gorgeous, embroidered, linen tablecloth came from another yard sale and it only cost me $1. It is in flawless condition and the linen has a nice slubby texture.

I love having a place to hang my laundry outside. It is very therapeutic for me to spend time in nature while hanging my clothes to dry. It reminds me of being a little girl and standing outside with my grandma, handing her clothespins from the bag, as she hung her clothes on the line in the warm sunshine. My grandma had a dryer at that time, but she used it soley for storage as she preferred the old-fashioned way of drying her laundry.


High Street Cottage said...

What a great find, and I'm the same way with linens, I spend so much time in the thrift shops, and have found the most amazing pillow cases, table cloths, and more.

Deborah said...

Great finds Amanda!
I too love hanging my clothes on the line..I have the same clothesline!
That laundry bag is perfect..lucky you!
The linen tablecloth is lovely as well..

Have a great weekend friend..

Deborah xo


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