Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Linen and Tulle Lampshade

I know it seems like all I do is paint furniture, but there was a time when sewing and lampshade making occupied a lot of my time. You may remember the pair of linen shades I recovered for twin, vintage lamps or this basic lamp shade tutorial I posted on my blog in 2010. Don't forget about these two, linen lamp shades I recovered in 2011. Now, taking you all the way back to my very first blog post with the mini burlap shades I made for a plain little chandelier.  It is nice to take time out from painting and focus on other creative projects.

One of my regular Loot customers brought me a lamp to consign for her.  She also left an old lamp shade and a vintage bridal veil and said I could use the veil to make some kind of shade for the lamp.

I ripped off the old shade covering, exposing the bare, metal frame.  Then, I cut the veil and some pretty, white linen fabric into strips and tied them to the top and bottom of the metal frame.  

This was such an easy way to create a new lampshade!

This shade sold right off the lamp the first weekend I put it for sale at Loot.  Now, I am back to where I started and need to make another shade for this lovely lamp.

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stefanie said...

love it!!!

Deanne Langford said...

This is amazing, I have never seen your lamp shades before, but have recently done one almost exactly the same with old netting!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love this lampshade--what a great look!


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