Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chalk Paint on Brass Lamps

Vintage, brass lamps, like this pair I picked up at a storage unit sale, are easy to find and, thanks to Chalk Paint®, easy to transform too.  Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan adheres effortlessly to metal surfaces without requiring any primer. I painted a base coat of Old Ochre and then applied a wash of French Linen over that.  I finished the lamps with clear wax, followed by dark wax.

Now these previously unimpressive brass lamps are an elegant pair.

I always show these brass lamps to customers at Loot when they ask if Chalk Paint really sticks to metal.  Everyone wants to touch them to see if they are actually made of brass because the new Chalk Paint finish makes them look like wood.

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livinginmyhomeblogspot said...

Sono davvero molto bella merito delle Chalk Paint ma ancora di più merito della tua bravura. Complimenti.

Sherry at The Rusty Pearl said...

Your place is just stunning. I love every special touch you did . LOVE the lamps and they look amazing. Have a blessed WEDNESDAY

Emily said...

Chalk paint is amazing! Those look like turned wood lamps. Great job! I love them!

Lina said...

Beautiful! I loved them so much, I tried to do something like it today. I have a problem though everytime I paint on metal. When wiping off the wash and/or waxing, the paint goes off at some "protruding" (?) parts , revealing the brass underneath. What am i doing wrong? Shouldn't the paint adhere? Would it help to let the paint cure overnight or something?
Thanks for the inspiration!
Lina from Sweden

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